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frequently asked questions


can my gift voucher be extended?

can my gift voucher be refunded?

i have accidently deleted/lost my voucher, can i get a copy?

i haven’t received my voucher, what should i do?

can you provide me with a VAT receipt?

All frequently asked questions

Before purchase

what delivery options are available?

Please check our delivery page that is in the header of our gift shop website to see what options are available.

i’m attempting to purchase a gift voucher but have received a failed transaction message (‘payment has not been accepted’) at the end of the transaction. what should i do next?

There could be several reasons why this may be happening. Despite there being sufficient funds in an account, banks occasionally decline payments due to it being unusual buying behaviour. This can be rectified by contacting your card issuer and advising them that you are trying to make an online purchase.
If after contacting your bank you still have issues, please contact our gift partner, SK chase.

can i add a personal message to the voucher?

Yes, during the checkout you will be asked if you want to add a gift message to the voucher. If purchasing multiple vouchers, you can add a different message to each voucher.

how can i pay for my order?

You can pay using a debit card or credit card. This is a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment. Please note that an extra international bank charge fee may be applied by your card provider for making international payments outside of the UK. SK Chase Ltd or the venue name will appear on your bank statement.

can i buy a voucher in the hotel/venue?

Please contact us to find out whether this would be possible.

can i collect a voucher from the hotel/venue?

Yes, if ‘collect from Hotel/venue’ is an option during the checkout, if not then we are not able to fulfil this option, at this time.

i can’t find the voucher i am looking for, can you do a bespoke one?

All of our vouchers are on the website, but please do contact us with any requests and we can try our best to help.

i’ve found a voucher i like the sound of, but not sure what it includes?

click on ‘more details’ to find out more information and if you are still unsure, please contact us to speak to a member of our team.

how do i order more than one gift?

If you would like to add multiple vouchers that are the same, simply click the ‘plus sign’ next to the voucher in your basket. If you would like to add different vouchers, simply click ‘add to basket’ on all vouchers you would like to purchase.

can i send vouchers to different postal addresses/email addresses?

You can only choose one delivery method and address per order. You will need to make multiple orders if you would like to send to multiple recipients.

After purchase

how do i download my e-voucher?

Click ‘View Gifts’ and then ‘Discover Your Gift’ to view your e-voucher. Scroll to the bottom of the e-voucher and click ‘Save and Print Your Voucher’ to download and print.

You can view the e-voucher on all devices (laptop, phone, tablet). You may be able to simply show the gift voucher on your device but first, please contact us to check if we can accept the digital copy of your voucher.

i have accidently deleted/lost my voucher, can i get a copy?

If you still have your receipt of purchase, you can click on the link under ‘items ordered’ to retrieve your e-voucher copy. If you do not have this, contact us to ask us to retrieve and send you an e-voucher copy. If you can, please provide the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Date of purchase
  • Surname of buyer

Please note, if you have misplaced a postal voucher, an e-voucher can be sent free of charge (with the same order number). It would be the decision of the venue named on your gift voucher as to whether a new postal voucher can be issued.

can you provide me with a VAT receipt?

Please contact us to check on our policy.

can i update my personal message?

Please contact us to edit your personal message.

    • If you have purchased an e-voucher, it is possible to update the personal message with immediate effect.
    • If you have purchased a postal voucher, it will be subject to the dispatch timescales.

can i update my postal delivery address?

Please contact us to edit the postal delivery address.

    • The possibility to amend the address will be subject to the dispatch timescales. 
    • If your voucher has already been dispatched, you may need to request a refund so that you can reorder. Please note, your delivery charge may not be refunded.

is my monetary voucher partially redeemable?

We would like to inform you that a partial redemption of your monetary voucher is not possible.

how do i cancel a gift voucher purchase?

You can cancel your order at any point by selecting the ‘Cancel Order’ button. However, if you have completed the transaction and realise that you’ve made a mistake or purchased a gift voucher(s) that you no longer want then please see ‘can my voucher be refunded/how do i refund my order?’

can my voucher be refunded/how do i refund my order?

Refunds are at the discretion of the venue. To request a refund, please contact us.


i have received my receipt of purchase but not the e-voucher, please can you resend?

Firstly, please may we ask you to check your spam/junk folder. A link to the gift voucher is included on the receipt of purchase. Please click on the voucher ID to view and save the gift voucher.

i have not received my receipt of purchase, please can you resend?

Firstly, please may we ask you to check your spam/junk folder. If you still cannot locate the receipt, please contact us to request this.

when will my voucher be dispatched?

Please contact us for dispatch information.

how long will delivery take?

Sent immediately after purchase.

POSTAL (if applicable)
Please see the ‘delivery’ page in the header of our gift shop to see delivery timeframes for postal vouchers. 

i haven’t received my voucher within the stated time frames above. What should i do?

Please contact us. Please provide the delivery address, as a check to ensure the address is correct on the order. If the delivery addresses match, the voucher (presumed lost in the post) will be cancelled and a new voucher issued, with a new order number. The original voucher will no longer be valid and will not be accepted at the venue.

i haven’t received a tracking number for my recorded delivery, how do i get this?

Tracking numbers are not sent automatically. If you require a tracking number, please contact us.

my voucher had arrived damaged, what do i do?

Please contact us to cancel and reissue your order.

Gift recipient

how do I book my experience?

Please contact us to reserve your experience. The contact details are outlined on your gift voucher.

i have received a gift voucher but i don’t know who it’s from. can you tell me who bought it for me?

Yes. Occasionally the person buying the gift voucher may ask for the gift voucher to be sent to the recipient directly, but forget to add who the gift is from. Your voucher may be retrieved in the system and we can let you know who purchased the gift voucher. Please contact us.

i’ve lost my gift voucher. Can i still make a booking / redeem my experience?

Unless otherwise specified under the terms and conditions, your voucher may be retrieved in the system. Please contact us.

i have received a gift voucher but i would like to change it.

Sorry, but gift vouchers are non transferable.

can my voucher be extended?

Please contact us. Note that gift voucher extensions are not always possible.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

our contact details are outlined:

  • on your gift voucher

  • on the footer of our gift voucher shop

  • on our main website

if you cannot reach us, contact our trusted partner SK Chase.

We work with a trusted company, SK Chase, to sell our gift experiences online; helping you view, buy and receive your gift vouchers.
It is always best to contact us first but in case you cannot reach us, contact SK chase

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